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When is Paternity Presumed under Texas Law?

When is Paternity Presumed under Texas Law?

Child Custody in TexasOne of the most frequent, and often contentious, issues that can arise in family courts in Texas involves the rights of fathers to visitation with and access to minor children, particularly when the parties were unmarried at the time of conception or birth, or there are other uncertainties about paternity. The Texas Family Code has specific definitions of who qualifies as a “parent.” With respect to fathers, a man will meet the definition of “parent” if he:

  • Is presumed to be the father
  • Is legally determined to be the father
  • Is adjudicated by a court to be the father
  • Has acknowledged his paternity

Presumption of Paternity

The Texas Family Code holds that a male will be presumed to be a child’s father if any of the following conditions is met:

  • The man is married to the child’s mother and the child is born while the marriage is still valid
  • The man was married to the child’s mother and the child is born within 300 days after divorce, annulment or the man’s death. This applies even if the marriage is or could be declared invalid, provided the marriage was in “apparent compliance” with the law
  • The man married the mother after the birth of the child and voluntarily declared his paternity of the child, and he has either promised to support the child as his own or his declaration of  paternity is filed with the bureau of vital statistics
  • The man lived in the same household as the child for the first two years of the child’s life and told others he was the child’s father

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