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What Not to Do When You Are a Noncustodial Parent

Noncustodial Parent Time

There’s simply no way around it—divorce is hard on kids and it’s hard on parents, too. Unfortunately, with good or bad intentions, custodial and non-custodial parents can make the situation much worse. Here are some of the most frequent ways adults complicate matters for children of divorce. If you have questions about your noncustodial parent time, contact a Baytown divorce lawyer for assistance.

  • Discuss things in front of the children that should be addressed privately—It’s not realistic (and probably not healthy) to expect that you’ll never have a disagreement with your ex. But don’t air that laundry in front of your children!! Your kids aren’t mature enough to understand that disagreements can be worked out. In addition, they may assume they have caused the problem.
  • Use visitation as a tool to either punish or reward an ex-spouse—Visitation is a right of the child, as much as it’s a right of the parent. Custodial and non-custodial parents should never use it as a bargaining chip or to punish an ex. The ones who suffer the most from this type of behavior?—the children.
  • Make a child feel guilty about being with the other parent—It may often be entirely unintentional, but when you tell your children that you will miss them when they are with the other parent, they may have a vision of you as sitting home sad and alone..and they may blame themselves for your condition.
  • Let your children make the decisions about when and how long they will visit their non-custodial parent, or when they will go home—This puts unnecessary pressure on the child, as they don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings, but find themselves in a no-win situation.
  • Set your expectations too high—It’s common, especially for non-custodial parents, to want the time spent with children to be special. That puts a lot of pressure on your kids. Try, instead, to integrate your children into your life. Don’t plan all your activities around your children, but let them participate with you in deciding what you’ll do. But do as many of the things you normally do as possible. That’s how your kids really get to know you.

Noncustodial Parent

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