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60What Is the Purpose of a Separation Agreement?

The separation agreement is a legal document that means that a wife and husband have decided and agreed to live apart. The couple will have to entered into the separation agreement voluntarily. To be valid, it must be signed by both husband and wife in the presence of a notary public. It is not a divorce, however.

In addition to legally declaring that the couple is going to be living apart as they contemplate getting a divorce, the purpose of this document is to come to terms about issues such as child support payments, spousal payments, property and debt division, custody of the children and parenting time and visitation, tax and insurance matters.

It is not necessary to have a separation agreement in order to get a divorce. However, the separation agreement can facilitate a smoother legal process through divorce as it most often reduces the court and attorney costs, time, and friction between the two spouses, as they will have already decided who gets what by the time of the divorce.

Some states allow for a faster divorce if a separation agreement is in place and all issues have been decided. It can be particularly useful in this regard as the couple will already be coming to the family court having sorted out each person’s responsibilities and legal rights vis a vis marital property and debt, personal property, IRAs, support, and parenting time and custody.

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