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What if My Husband Can No Longer Pay Child Support?

Rarely are parents thrown in jail for not paying child support and alimony. However, Ari Schochet, age 41, is an exception. The 41 year old, who used to earn $1 million annually, was jailed eight times in the past two years after the end of his nearly 20 year marriage. The reason he hadn’t paid is common: he lost his job and ran through savings in an effort to pay the nearly $100,000 yearly support and alimony.

Fathers owe more than $96 billion in child support arrears. Interestingly, 70 percent of child support debt is owed by fathers who earn $10,000 annually or less or have no wages on the books at all, according to the Central Office of Child Support Enforcement.

If your ex-husband cannot pay because he lost his job or due to a medical condition, then he must return to the court and seek a child support modification. You can’t get money out of a stone, unfortunately. If the father of your child doesn’t seek a modification, then he will continue to be held accountable for every penny of the debt. Even if he files for bankruptcy, child support debts are not forgiven.

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