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Ways to Protect Yourself Digitally during a Divorce

Digitally during a Divorce

Digital Media and Divorce

Before the advent of the internet, smart phones and the Cloud, if you were looking for an advantage in a divorce proceeding, you typically hired a private detective to follow your ex and get some lurid or telltale photos or video. Now, most of the damage can be done digitally, often from the convenience of your smart phone. With shared data plans or access to online accounts, you can quickly find e-mails, text messages, photos and videos your ex thought were permanently deleted. If you want to protect yourself digitally during a divorce proceeding, attempting to delete data likely won’t work. But there are some steps you can take to protect yourself:

  • Change the username and password for your computer, your phone and your tablet, or set one up, if you don’t have one
  • Set up a new e-mail account and use it for all personal e-mails, especially if your ex knows the password to  your old account
  • Speaking of passwords, change all online usernames and passwords, and make certain they are not all the same, and that they won’t easily be guessed
  • Change the privacy settings on Facebook or other social media sites that you use
  • Minimize the time you spend online—use the phone to call someone instead
  • Know where your devices are at all times, including computers and tablets
  • Don’t sync your calendar or other applications with your spouse

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