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The Rights of Fathers After a Divorce

It used to be that Texas law favored moms. Divorcing fathers didn’t get custody of their children except under the most extreme of circumstances. All too many fathers and their children suffered heartache when the divorce was final, and the children went from seeing their beloved father every day, with the father doing homework and playing games with them to seeing them every other weekend. Those sad days are for the most part over.

Increasingly, courts recognize that a father’s role in the life of his children is as important as a mother’s role. Fathers simply do have rights and responsibilities to their children. No matter the enmity your ex bears toward you, it is not lawful for a mother to keep your children from you. So how can you protect your rights to your children after a divorce?

The standard that Texas courts use is the best interests of the child. Increasingly, the courts are making gender-neutral decisions with regard to custody. Judges are supposed to view custody and parenting time decisions through the best interests of the child lens.

You have a right to actively parent your child, spend time with your children, attend your children’s school activities, hug your children, and continue to foster a strong bond and influence on them despite divorce.

If you are having trouble with your ex following through on the pick-up, drop off arrangements, or if she is otherwise not following through on the custodial agreement, or if you have reason to believe that she is trying to alienate your children from you, it helps to seek counsel of a family law attorney to stop the madness.

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