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The Importance of Establishing a Visitation Schedule in Texas

When it comes time to create a visitation schedule for your children, you may be amazed by how complex the standard possession order is. You may find yourself thinking, “How can I possibly know which parent should spend the 4th of July with Tommy four years from now??”

Keep in mind that, while the visitation schedule can change, it is important to get a schedule established during the divorce process. This is true even if you have a decent relationship with your ex and don’t anticipate any struggles over visitation and child rearing. There are several reasons why it is important to establish a written, comprehensive visitation schedule during the divorce process, rather than leaving the guidelines unwritten:

In case one parent violates the agreement

Hope for the best but plan for the worst. A written visitation schedule is important to have in case one parent starts to deny visitation time or stops using scheduled visitation time. Without a written plan, it will not be easy to prove that anything has changed.

Routine is vitally important to children

Study after study shows that children need to be able to predict their daily routines in order to concentrate on the job of learning and growing. Children of divorced parents face a lot of challenges to their need for routines. A written, regular visitation schedule helps children of all ages let go of any anxiety associated with moving from house to house.

Making a visitation schedule is good practice to develop healthy communication with your ex

You are divorcing, but you will always both be the parents of your children. Your children will need you and your ex to communicate in healthy, pro-active ways. Working together with your ex to build a visitation schedule that is in your children’s best interests is an excellent first step to building post-divorce communication skills.

As you develop a visitation schedule, with help from your divorce lawyer, keep in mind that the best schedule for your child might not be the same as the most convenient schedule for you. Also remember that the schedule will need to change as your child grows and his or her developmental needs change.

The website, published by Legal Aid of Northwest Texas, has answers to many frequently asked questions about visitation and child custody.

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