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The Financial Side of Divorce


It can be easy to view divorce with a sense of relief, as a chance to start over again and put the difficulties of a bad marriage behind you. That can be one outcome, but you’ll often discover that such freedom comes with a price. Here are some of the factors to consider:

Child Support

If you are the non-custodial spouse and you have minor children, you can expect to pay child support, even if your ex makes more money than you do. And it doesn’t matter if you are the mother or the father—the award of child support always goes from the non-custodial to the custodial parent. Even if you get custody, you can anticipate raising your children with less money than you had before, as you’ll only have a portion of your ex’s income. Furthermore, you may face challenges actually collecting child support—estimates are that only half of all child support is actually paid.

Alimony or Spousal Support

Alimony is not as common as it once was, but is still awarded in Texas, based on a number of factors, such as the length of the marriage, the age and health of the parties at the time of the divorce, the earning capacity of both parties, and the standard of living to which the parties had become accustomed.

Splitting Up Debts and Assets

Under the community property laws in Texas, all property and debt obtained and incurred during the marriage is equally divided, with a few minor exceptions. Because some items of property, such as a house or car, can’t actually be divided, you’ll have to work out ways that you both get equal value from the marital estate…if you keep the house, you may have to give up your share of the investment account or retirement plan.

Don’t Assume That My Life Was Bad

Many adoptive parents think that children who are up for adoption must have been mistreated, must have suffered, and must have been sad or depressed. As a result, they have the mistaken belief that those children will now be “happy,” as they are with a “good” family. While many adoptees do come from troubled homes, not all do. Even those that do will experience a sense of loss when taken from a birthparent. The best thing you can do is provide a safe place where the child can feel and express all of his or her emotions.

Don’t Whitewash the Past

Regardless of what it is, your adopted child needs to know his or her story. If you aren’t open and honest with them, they’ll create their own story, and it may have no relationship with the truth. There’s an inescapable sense of loss when a child is adopted, and that sense of loss can only be mitigated when the child fully understands and talks about who he or she is. When your child is young, you’ll probably hear the story over and over—it’s how kids process at that age. Be patient and let it feel natural to them.

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