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The Factors to Be Considered for an Alimony Award in Texas

Alimony in Texas

Though the frequency with which alimony or spousal support is granted in divorce proceedings has dropped significantly over the last half century, either party to a Texas divorce still has the right to petition the court for some type of payment from the other spouse to defray the cost of living. Alimony in Texas or Texas support orders typically take one of three forms:

  • Temporary support—An award for a very specific, and usually short, period of time, designed to be primarily transitional, until the recipient becomes self-sufficient.
  • Rehabilitative support – Also a temporary award, but put in place to allow the recipient to undergo training or education to develop skills that allow for gainful employment.
  • Permanent support—Typically granted when the recipient is either too old to reasonably become self-sufficient, or has some other condition that will likely preclude self-sufficiency.

Alimony in Texas

When determining whether alimony is warranted and how it should be structured, the court may consider a wide range of factors, including:

  • The needs of the potential recipient and the ability of the other spouse to make payments
  • The financial resources of both parties
  • The length of the marriage
  • The age and health of both parties
  • The employment history and potential earning capacity of both spouses
  • Whether either of the parties engaged in the dissipation of marital assets
  • The contribution by one party to the earning capacity of the other party
  • The contributions of one spouse as a homemaker
  • Whether either spouse engaged in marital misconduct
  • Any pre-marital property owned by either party

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