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The Benefits of Mediation in a Family Law Dispute

The Benefits of Mediation in a Family Law Dispute

When your marriage is in trouble or has ended, one of the last things you often want is more conflict. You may simply be weary of the disagreements, or it may be important to maintain a positive relationship with your ex, so that your minor children don’t feel like they are caught in the middle. There’s an alternative to the traditional divorce process—mediation. It can be used to amicably resolve any dispute you may have. The benefits of mediation in a family law dispute can be discussed with our Baytown family law attorney.

It’s Designed to Be a “Win-Win” Situation

In mediation, you work with a third party neutral. That person doesn’t represent either one of you and is tasked only with helping the two of you come to a mutually acceptable and beneficial resolution of any differences. The mediator doesn’t take testimony from witnesses, doesn’t rule on the admissibility of evidence, and doesn’t issue any rulings. The mediator will, however, encourage both of you to consider the costs of litigation, so that you look at ways to compromise and get what you really need.

In mediation, the only outcome is the one you work out with your ex. You are always free to reject any proposal by your former spouse, and can always make your own counter-proposal. You’ll never put your outcome in the hands of a judge or jury.

Benefits of Mediation

It’s Usually Less Expensive

Because mediation doesn’t involve rulings on admissibility of evidence, or determinations of legal issues, mediation typically takes far less time. Your family law attorney won’t need to engage in lengthy discovery, conducting depositions or reviewing documents. There’s no need for motions or other proceedings. In addition, most mediators are available within a short period of time, and most mediation can be completed in a day or two.

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