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Texas Divorce Sparks Frozen Embryo Battle and Debate

A heated battle has ensued over custody of frozen embryos.  A Texas couple, who have been divorced for over four years, is still fighting over three egg embryos that remain frozen.  Augusta Roman was awarded the embryos by a district court judge in 2004, but two years later, a higher court reversed the decision, finding that both parties signed a contract which allowed the fertility clinic to discard the embryos in the event of their divorce.  Despite what property was divided during the divorce, former husband Randy, stated that he would never agree to let his former wife proceed with her plan to become pregnant with the frozen embryos he helped create.  The Texas Court of Appeals has yet to decide whether it will consider the case.  Read more.

Texas guidelines for child support are located in Chapter 154 of the Texas Family Code.  The guidelines are considered to “reasonable” are considered to be “in the best interest of the child.”  Statutory guidelines for child support will govern a situation unless the parties agree to a different amount.  Other determinations for child support are based on, for example, the age and needs of the child, the ability of the parents to contribute to the support of the child, etc.  See § 154.123 of the Texas Family Code for the entire list of considerable factors.  A party ordered to pay child support has a duty to pay this amount until: the child reaches the age of 18; the child marries; the child dies; the child’s disabilities are removed; or the court issues an order modifying child support.

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