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The Best Lawyer Out There

First and foremost I literally chose the best lawyer out there, she helped me out when no one else would with my case and I am beyond grateful for everything Linda Stewart and her team did to win my case with child custody. I recommend her to anyone going through hard civil issues with family, I will continue to always keep her and her staff in my prayers. I will forever be grateful for everything they did for me and my family.

- Adilene Sanabria

My Life-Time Family Law Firm

Amazing family law firm! An attorney assessed my case over the phone so that when I arrived for my appointment I knew exactly what to expect and how the process worked. Any time one lawyer was in court, another one was available to answer all my questions and concerns. Never had any problems getting a call back or seeing a lawyer when I wanted an appointment. They were very realistic about the issues and chances of winning my specific case. The whole case happened exactly as I was told it would, and I am very pleased with the results. I plan to make this firm my life-time family law firm.

- anonymous

She Made My Life Better

I was going against a mother who spent way more money than I did by far. But I gave the facts and showed how much I loved my daughter my witnesses also helped, Linda Stewart was like a great white shark in a skirt, she glided in the courtroom and you could tell that everyone knew her and respected her. Linda was to the point after the dust settled I was settling in the hallway and by 5 pm I was receiving my daughter. I know that on Texas this was an impossible feat but Linda's extraordinary knowledge of the law she made my life better now 7 yrs later she is still advising me I love this lady

- Luis

I Would Recommend Her to Anyone

Linda, helped me win custody of my kids through a divorce. She is not like most lawyers. She likes to know her clients on a personal level. I would recommend her to anyone. Very knowledgeable!!!!

- Mike