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A Look at Parental Alienation Syndrome

Even though the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook, CT, is over, those who remain live and grieve are still feeling the effects.  Particularly, things such as photos, memorabilia and memories will remain internalized.  This will transform over time into an internal aching that never really goes away.  More frequent and common violence on children leaves in question the idea of Parental Alienation Syndrome which is fast becoming a major problem in our country.  This syndrome arises when a noncustodial parent is made out to be a “bad person” and deprived of his/her child at the decisions of a custodial parent.  As a result, the children are brainwashed by the custodial parent.  They are told that the alienated parent has left them and abandoned them.  See more here.

In an article and study written by Dr. Richard A. Gardner in 1998 called The Parental Alienation Syndrome (Second Edition), by Creative Therapeutics, Inc., Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) is defined as a childhood disorder which results from previous experience with a child-custody dispute.  As described by Dr. Gardner, it results from a programming where parents impress their theories and beliefs on a child combined with a child’s own contributions of beliefs about the “targeted” parent.   One Texas case was Ochs vs. Martinez, 789 S.W. 2d 949 which was decided by the Texas Court of Appeals in 1990.

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