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Someone Called Social Services on Me

What to Do if Someone Calls Social Services on You

You get a notice in the mail or a phone call, or worse yet, a child protective services social worker shows up at your door. How do you best protect yourself?

If you get written notice or a phone call, your first step should be to contact an attorney. If you received a communication by telephone, keep the conversation short and don’t agree to anything. Advise them that you will have your attorney contact them.

If a child services social worker comes to your home unannounced, remember that you don’t have to let them in, unless they have a law enforcement officer with them and have a valid search warrant. This is highly unlikely, as the reason a social worker has come to your home is usually to obtain enough evidence to support an action against you. Tell them that they may not come in, ask for contact information, and advise them that you will have your attorney contact them. Don’t say anything more.

If you know or have reason to know that you have been reported to child protective services, you should start to document everything:

  • Keep a file with copies of all documents received from social services
  • Take pictures of your home, your children or anything that may be related to the investigation
  • If you are contacted by a social worker, send that social worker a follow-up letter documenting exactly what happened during any meeting or conversation.
  • Obtain a video camera, if possible, and be prepared to tape any interview or conversation with a social services worker

Be careful in all dealings with any representatives of child protective services. It may seem like they are trying to be helpful, that they understand your concerns, but they are often looking for any evidence to present against you in a hearing in court.

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