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Privacy a Thing of the Past in Divorce Proceedings

Divorce Proceedings

Privacy in Divorce

The electronic age has raised many questions about privacy—some have proclaimed that privacy is an antiquated concept, impossible to maintain in the digital age. That may not be entirely true, but it offers a lesson for anyone involved in or considering filing for divorce—be prepared to have even your most private data found and disclosed during the legal proceedings. For questions about privacy in divorce, contact a Baytown family law attorney.

With Digital, Nothing Is Ever Gone Forever

You may already know that when you delete an e-mail, it can still be found. In fact, simply deleting it on your computer only puts it into another file. But it remains on the server for your e-mail provider, whether it AOL or Google. If you use the Cloud or any similar wireless storage service, you can also expect that any pictures, videos and text messages will remain there, even though you’ve deleted them from your device. Here’s where it can get messy.

Suppose that you and your spouse are both connected to the same Cloud account—typical with a shared wireless data plan. Your spouse will have access to all the information stored in that account, and it won’t be considered an invasion of privacy, because you essentially gave permission to view all content on the shared data plan.

There are other ways your mobile device or computer can come back to bite you:

  • A Facebook post or information on one of the many web-based dating sites
  • Tracking apps may be used to gather web browser data, pull up information on smart phone usage, or even identify where a vehicle has been

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