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Moving Forward after a Divorce

Moving Forward After a Divorce

In the aftermath of a divorce, you can be ready for a new life and a new direction. Here are some recommendations to help you put the past behind you and get on with your life. If you need help moving forward after a divorce, contact a Baytown family law attorney today.

Open New Financial Accounts

You should actually do this as soon as you know you are going to be a party to a divorce proceeding. Once you start putting your money into your own separate account, your ex won’t have access to it. You should also close any joint accounts you had during your marriage.

Close All Credit Card Accounts

Terminate any joint credit cards immediately and consider whether you want to open new accounts. Your finances may be unstable for a little while, so you may want to operate primarily on a cash basis until you have a greater sense of security and stability. In addition, divorce can be an emotional time—if you are prone to spending money in response to emotional trauma, you might be better served not opening a new credit card.

Moving Forward after a Divorce

Change Your Beneficiaries

If your ex is named as a beneficiary on any type of insurance policy, IRA, retirement plan or in a will, contact the provider and change the beneficiary immediately. With respect to insurance, you may want to obtain a life insurance policy on your ex (owned by your ex) to cover alimony or child support in the event of his or her premature death. In addition, if you have a will or trust, you want to meet with a lawyer to change the provisions.

Notify any Government Agencies

The IRS and the Social Security Administration should be notified of your divorce.

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