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Modifying a Support Order in Texas

Modifying a Support Order in Texas

Change is a constant in life, and that applies in divorce as well. When your divorce is finalized, the court will carefully determine the amount of child support that needs to be paid. But circumstances may render that order ineffective. The payer may become unemployed or be forced to take a job with less pay. The needs of the child may increase. Fortunately, while it can be difficult to modify a child support order, they are not set in stone, and can be amended in certain situations. Contact a Baytown family law attorney for assistance with modifying a support order in Texas.

Either parent in a divorce can petition the court to change the amount of child support being paid. To qualify to modify the payment amount, however, the parent seeking the change must show that the circumstances of the child, or of either of the parents, has changed substantially since the support order was issued.

Support Order in Texas

If more than three years have elapsed since the current order was put in place, the party requesting a modification of the support order must demonstrate that the amount that would be ordered under current guidelines would different by a minimum of 20% or $100 from the amount initially ordered. Accordingly, a payer seeking a change must show a 20% reduction and a recipient must be able to show a 20% increase.

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