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Grounds for Divorce in Texas


What Are Grounds for Divorce in Texas?

Texas now recognizes “no-fault” divorce, so it’s no longer necessary, to finalize the end of your marriage, that you identify the “grounds” upon which the divorce is based. However, you can still file an “at-fault” divorce complaint in Texas, and may use proof of fault to gain advantage in custody, support and property disputes. Here are the acceptable grounds for filing an “at-fault” divorce in Texas:

  • Adultery-If your spouse engaged in an extra-marital affair, with a person of either gender, it will be grounds for divorce
  • You have lived separate and apart for at least three years-Texas essentially considers the marriage ended if you have not cohabitated for three years and there’s no known intention for you to live together again
  • You abandoned your spouse—If you have not been in contact with your spouse for at least one calendar year, your spouse can use that as grounds for divorce
  • Mental cruelty—If one spouse engages in a degree of mental abuse or cruelty that makes it impossible for the parties to live together, the other spouse may seek an at-fault divorce
  • Conviction of a felony-You can seek an at-fault divorce if your spouse is convicted of and imprisoned on a felony charge, unless you testified against your spouse.
  • Confinement in a mental institution for at least three years-When one spouse is committed to a mental facility with no prospects of improvement, it will be grounds for divorce

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