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Getting a Protective Order in a Domestic Violence Situation

Getting a Protective Order in a Domestic Violence Situation

When you have been the victim of domestic violence or abuse, every moment—waking or otherwise—can be filled with fear and anxiety. You can live with constant apprehension of an impending attack. In Texas, as in other jurisdictions, you can seek a protective or restraining order preventing your attacker from engaging in certain behaviors. Such an order may be temporary—for a specific period of time—or it may be general. It’s important to understand, however, that even a general protective order will only remain in effect for two years. Contact a Baytown family law attorney to get a protective order.

A protective order can prohibit a wide range of conduct, including:

  • Being physically present within a certain proximity or distance from the victim
  • Being physically present at specific locations, including the victim’s home, place of employment, school, church or other destination
  • Contacting the victim in any way, including phone, mail, e-mail, social media or other means
  • Sending the victim gifts or other items
  • Communicating to the victim through another person, including a child

Protective Order

Obtaining a Protective Order

A court in Texas may issue a protective order where if finds evidence of actual family violence, or a reasonable expectation of the likelihood of abuse. Typically, that determination is made on a case-by-case basis. To pursue a protective order, you may go directly to the district attorney’s office, or you may initiate the process through private legal counsel. You must file the application in either the county where you reside or where the subject of the order lives. There is no requirement that you live in Texas for a minimum amount of time.

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