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Do I Need a Prenup?

Don’t view a prenup conversation as unwelcome doom and gloom on the eve of your wedding. Instead, think of it as further evidence that you and your beloved are both intelligent individuals – and that one or both of you is well on the way to serious financial success. It can be a challenge to insert some coolheaded logic into the pre-wedding months, but you and your spouse may respect each other more if you sit down together with an experienced prenuptial attorney and decide how to protect yourselves. Creating a prenuptial agreement doesn’t mean you plan to divorce; it just means you understand the basics of asset protection.

If you aren’t one of the so-called “one percent,” you may automatically assume that you don’t need a prenup. This may not be true. Better to take the time before the big event to determine whether a prenuptial agreement is warranted, since an ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure.

Here are some circumstances where a prenuptial agreement may be worth the ink it’s written with, even if neither or you currently are among the financial elite:

  • You are an entrepreneur with significant time and money invested in one or more ideas that have yet to come to fruition
  • You are a sports player on the verge of going pro
  • You expect a large inheritance (generally speaking, inheritances during marriage are treated as separate property even without a prenup, but if you expect a really large inheritance, you may want to consider double protection)
  • You want to protect the financial interests of children from a previous marriage
  • You suffered financial injury in a previous divorce and want to prevent history from repeating itself

If you and your betrothed decide to work out a prenup, you are far from alone. A 2010 preuptial survey by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers asked family law attorneys whether they had seen an increase in prenup clients, and a staggering 73 percent of attorneys surveyed said yes.

Stewart Law, PLLC, located in Baytown, Texas, has provided legal counsel to men and women in divorce and other family law cases for 8 years. We have written prenuptial agreements for many couples about to marry, and we can work with you to determine whether a prenuptial is right for you. For an initial assessment and consultation regarding a prenuptial agreement, contact our family law firm online or call our office at (281) 420-8020, at a reduced fee of $50.

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