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Divorce in Texas—Some Basic Questions

Texas Divorce Law—The Basics

Whether you are filing or have been served with a complaint for divorce in Texas, you’ll have a lot of questions about the process. Here are some answers to basic questions.

How Long Does the Process Take?

It’s difficult to say with any certainty how long your divorce will take, as each situation is unique. If you can work amicably with your ex, you can come to agreement on issues related to custody, visitation, support and property fairly quickly. Under no circumstances, though, can a divorce be finalized during the 60 day period following the filing of a complaint.

Does Texas Recognize a Right to Alimony?

As more and more couples involve both working spouses, the need for alimony or spousal support has declined, but the concept still exists in Texas. Though the application of the principle is limited, an ex-spouse can petition the court for some level of support if he or she does not have the capacity to be self-supporting, or cannot take care of his or her own basic needs. Alimony may be:

  • Temporary—for a stated time, allowing the recipient to move toward self-sufficiency
  • Rehabilitative—paid until such time as the recipient becomes self-sufficient
  • Permanent—paid until the death or remarriage of the recipient

How Is Property Divided?

Texas is a community property state, which means that all property and debt acquired during the marriage is divided equally, with very few exceptions. Conversely, all property brought into the marriage is considered separate property and customarily goes back to the party who originally owned it.

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