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Can I Represent Myself in a Texas Divorce?

When thinking about ending a marriage, most people almost immediately start to think about how to minimize divorce costs. Attorneys’ fees are a sizeable up-front cost in a divorce, which leads many people to ask whether they can represent themselves in their Texas divorce and save on attorneys’ fees.

In some limited instance, self-representation can work out just fine in a divorce case. In other divorce cases, however, the risks of self-representation outweigh the benefit of saving some up-front costs. Some instances in which you might consider representing yourself in your divorce include:

  • There are no past or current concerns about family violence
  • You and your spouse both want the divorce
  • You have no minor children and no adult children with special medical needs
  • You and your spouse agree on all the issues that must be decided in order to divorce
  • You have few assets and few debts

The Texas Legal Services Center publishes both interactive Texas divorce forms and printable Texas divorce forms, along with basic instructions for completing the forms.

Even if you represent yourself, consider hiring a divorce attorney to review your paperwork before you file. Many divorce lawyers offer this service for a flat fee.

Stewart Law, PLLC, located in Baytown, Texas, offers this service. We will also inform you truthfully if we believe that your divorce case is one in which legal representation is warranted. We have provided legal counsel to men and women in divorce and family law matters for 8 years. For an initial assessment and consultation of your case, contact us online or call our office at (281) 420-8020, at a reduced fee of $50.

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