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Can I Get Back Child Support to the Date of Birth?

Retroactive Child Support—When Does the Obligation Start?

In Texas, the custodial parent of a minor child has a right to pursue child support from the non-custodial parent, whether they were married or not. Especially in cases where the alleged parents were not married, and there are no divorce proceedings, it can be months before the mother asks the court for an order of child support. If the court grants the request, when will the obligation to pay support begin? Will the court automatically include support from the date of birth of the child?

Married vs. Unmarried Parties

If the parents were married, the court will usually order support effective to the date of separation or filing of a divorce complaint.

If the parties were not married, the court has the discretion to order support as of the date of the birth of the child. The court can also require that the non-custodial parent pay some portion of medical expenses associated with the birth of the child, including pre-natal exams and hospital/delivery costs, provided those expenses are not covered by insurance. As a general rule, though, Texas courts typically do not order retroactive child support for a period of more than four years.

Retroactive support is not automatically granted, though. If the custodial parent does not ask for retroactive support, the court will typically not grant it.

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