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Attorneys Expect to See Spike in Divorce Filings in January

Attorneys Expect to See Spike in Divorce

Divorce Filings Spike in January

It’s a trend with which most family law attorneys are familiar—the number of divorce filings traditionally goes up dramatically in January and February. Attorneys say clients give them a variety reasons for the surge of divorce complaints after the holidays—

  • Many see it as a sort of “New Years Resolution”—the start of a new year is often perceived as an opportunity to “reboot,” so to speak. A person who has been in a troubled relationship may see it as the motivation needed to start over again.
  • The holidays are out of the way—For many couples, especially those with children at home, there’s a stigma about separation or divorce at the holidays. Couples fear that making the decision at or before Christmas will ruin their child’s holiday, and/or that it will create a permanent sense of loss—that the child will always look at Christmas as the time when “mom and dad broke up.”
  • Others say that the additional time spent with spouses at the holidays—either in festivities or because of time off from work—made it clear that the marriage was over.

Psychologists agree—they say that many of their clients have extreme anxiety about initiating a divorce or separation over the holidays, but are generally ready to move on when January rolls around.

There can, however, be practical reasons for putting off a divorce until January. If your spouse is in line for a year-end bonus, you may want to wait until that’s paid, so that there’s no question that it’s part of the marital estate. In addition, there can be tax advantages to being able to file “married, filing jointly.”

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