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Advocates Call for More Funding to Stop Domestic Violence in Texas

Advocates Call for More Funding to Stop Domestic Violence in Texas

Domestic Violence in Texas

According to the Texas Council on Family Violence (TCFV), the agencies that provide support to victims of domestic violence in Texas are bursting at the seams, with nearly half of all requests for services denied, primarily due to a lack of resources. Last year, more than 72,000 victims of domestic abuse found shelter or other services from state-run programs across the state.

Leigh Anne Fry, chairperson of the TCFV, said that the state’s shelters only have enough room to house about two out of every three persons seeking a safe place to stay. Agency staff often find themselves in the difficult position of trying to determine which applicant has the greatest need for shelter. In 2016, shelters had to turn away 39% of those needing temporary housing.

In response, advocates have begun to lobby the Texas legislature to increase funding for domestic abuse programs. They’ve sent thousands of purple postcards to the state capitol in Austin, asking for additional funding request of up to $60 million. Purple was one of the colors commonly associated with the National Women’s Party in the early 1900s and has long been the color of choice for individuals promoting domestic violence awareness. It’s also linked to the Purple Heart, a symbol of peace, courage and dedication to fighting domestic abuse.

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