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Adopting a Step-Child

About 75 percent of divorced people will eventually remarry again. About 65 percent of these marriages will also contain children from a prior marriage. The family then, becomes a blended family.

When one of the parents is not in the picture, a stepparent adoption is an increasingly viable option for all involved. Adopting your stepchild is far easier than any other form of adoption, in most cases. Even the adoption hearing is streamlined in most stepparent adoption cases.

Get Consent From Birth or Legal Parent for Stepparent Adoption

The one important step you must take is to get legal consent from the other parent who does not have custody of the child. IF that parent does not agree, then you cannot adopt. However, if that parent has had his or her parental rights terminated due to abuse, neglect, mental illness, or abandonment, then you can go ahead and adopt.

Benefits to You and Your Stepchild When You Adopt

When you adopt, you are making a strong, powerful commitment to the stepchild in question. You are saying, in essence, I am your parent and will be so forever. This is a powerful message, especially if the child has suffered from abandonment or abuse by the other parent that is no longer in the picture.

By adopting, you are also assuming full legal rights and all responsibilities as the child’s parent, even though he or she is not your biological child. Your child can then take on your same last name, if you and your spouse so choose. Your child stands to inherit your estate, just as your other children can. If your spouse dies suddenly, you will still have the right to parent your stepchild.

Questions About Step-Child Adoption? Contact a Family Law Attorney

Stewart Law, PLLC, located in Baytown, Texas, has provided legal counsel to men and women seeking to adopt a step-child, and in divorce and other family law cases for 8 years. If you have questions relating to step-child adoption, we can give you advice that will help you decide how to proceed. For an initial assessment and consultation, contact our family law firm online or call our office at (281) 420-8020, at a reduced fee of $50.

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